Vin Doux Naturels

"Vin Doux Naturel" means naturally sweet wine, and refers to a fortified wine whose sweetness comes from the sugar in the grapes. Similar to the way Port is produced, we make our dessert wine by stopping the fermentation halfway through by adding grape spirits. This preserves some of the sugar from the grapes, and combines it with a heightened alcohol from the brandy. We then barrel age for a few years, allowing for complete integration of the brandy, and introducing  new flavors like coffee and hazelnut.

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Vin Doux Naturel 


375 ml

19.8% Alcohol by Volume


Cabernet Sauvignon isn't a traditional dessert wine grape, but we love to use it for this style. It shows off a different aspect of our estate vineyard, while consistently bringing a clean, luscious finish to this wine. This fermentation of this particular vintage was stopped at 6% sugar, fortified to 19.8% alcohol, and then aged in oak for two years. 

Have you ever had a razzleberry pie? The filling is a combination of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, brown, sugar and cinnamon. This wine is that pie in a bottle, flaky butter crust and all. Baked fruit, spice, coffee, and chocolate notes provide a little something for everyone. 

Nothing beats chocolate ganache cake with this wine, but if you're looking for something a little less traditional, you can mix it with a little balsamic for a fantastic reduction sauce that can top anything from New York cheesecake to pork chops. Or, try a sweet and salty combination of blue cheese, pretzels, or popcorn for the perfect movie night snack.