Staff fees:

$25/hour/25 guests, including an hour before and after the event

For example, if you have 100 people from 6-10, we need to pay four people to assist with the event from 5-11, totaling $600.

For events over 75 people, there will be a $50 parking attendant fee.


Outside vendors such as caterers and musicians or DJs must be approved in advance.


Per person fees:

$24 per person

This includes:

Unlimited wine, beer, and soda


Private Events

(outside of tasting hours)


Venue fees:

Events ending before 6:00 PM: $200

Events ending after 6:00 PM Monday-Thursday: $500

Events ending after 6:00 PM Friday: $750

Events ending after 6:00 PM Saturday-Sunday: $1000

This includes:

Reservation of the entire space (winery, patio, stage) for four hours

4 six-foot tables and coverings (black)

Small seating tables and white folding chairs

Sound system with 3.5mm hookup


Additional offerings:

Heat lamps are $125 for four

Fire pit is $50

Time restrictions:

All amplified audio must end at 10:00

Our latest event end time is 11:00

Events lasting beyond the scheduled time with incur a charge of $100 per half hour.


A 50% deposit of the total amount is required to reserve an event date. The remaining 50% will be due the day of the event.

 Payments can be made by calling the winery at 408-935-9194.


Please note that we do not host weddings, nor events for guests under 21 years of age. No children's party inquiries please.