"Montage" is a Big Dog Vineyards proprietary name we use for our red blends. Our vineyard was originally planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc with the intention of possibly blending the two, but we ended up liking both so much separately that we never tried a blend, until 2011 that is. When all was said and done after the 2011 harvest, there was only enough Cabernet Franc to fill 40% of a barrel, and thus was born the first Montage, a 60/40 Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc blend. 

Since then, we have experimented with a few different blends, staying in the Bordeaux grape family. Each year is a little different, according to what nature gives us, and what we think tastes best. 



750 ml

13.9% Alcohol by Volume


We changed up the blend for this, the second vintage of our Montage. It is Merlot dominant, echoing the richness and body of a right-bank Bordeaux blend, with our estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blended in for heightened acid and structure. All three of these wines spent thirty months in French oak before blending and bottle maturation. 

This blend has the soft mouthfeel and fruit and chocolate flavors typical of our Santa Cruz Mountains Merlot, accented by the trademark granite and pepper notes of our estate vineyard. It was released in August 2016, but will continue to open up for the next several years, hold on to a bottle or two of this one if you can stand to wait. 

We love pairing this wine with pork loin for two reasons. Pork is an excellent companion to fruit-based sauces, so you can play up the fruitier aspects of the wine with a balsamic plum reduction, or a cherry glaze. Or, you can see a different, earthier, side of this of this wine's personality with a rosemary or thyme based recipe. 

2014 MONTAGE: Bottle Aging, Not Scheduled for Release.