A unique combination of factors exist in this hillside vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains that allows for the production of award-winning Merlot wines year after year. The perfect blend of sun exposure and ocean influence create a long growing season where the fruit ripens slowly with an excellent balance of acid and sugar. The resulting wines are consistently rich in flavor with good acidity and deep color.

2014 Santa Cruz Mountains Merlot


750 ml

13.5% Alcohol by Volume


This vintage of Merlot , hand made in small batches as always, was barrel aged in new oak for a total of two years.  It is our fifth vintage from this award-winning vineyard. 

Everyone has that friend that "won't drink Merlot". Well, cover up the label and pour them a glass of this. Rich with ripe cherry, raspberry, blueberry, and a chocolately finish, this wine is much more than a stereotype. A subtle fruit and a friendly texture make it approachable and delicious now, but for a more smoky, layered offering with notes of tobacco and earth, try it in a few more years. This is not your mama's Merlot.

Lamb brings out the depth and earthiness of this wine, while the fruit forward palate and silky mouth feel make a rich pairing with cream-based sauces. Classic cheese pairings include Camembert, Gruyere and Pecorino Toscano.