Our Chardonnay grapes come from a small vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains where the soil, slope, and sea breeze contribute to a complex flavor profile. All vintages 2013 and earlier were made from the prized Corton-Charlemagne clone, cultivated in only one place in California. This clone is known for it's deep golden color, and rich mouth feel. All vintages 2014 and later are made from a new clone from the same vineyard, as all the Corton-Charlemagne vines were torn up after the 2013 harvest due to a virus.

Our Chardonnay is usually made in small batches such that one sells out just as the next is released, meaning that usually only one is available for sale at any given time. However, we almost always have one on our weekend tasting list, so stop by and give it a try!

2015 Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay


750 ml

12.4% Alcohol by Volume


After a low temperature fermentation, for preservation of primary fruit characteristics, this wine was aged in a combination of new and once-used French oak. It is 100% malolactically fermented, and aged on the lees with regular batonnage before being fined, and only minimally filtered in order to preserve the flavors from each of these processes.

The result is a rich, golden wine evocative of traditional Burgundian-style Chardonnay, with ripe fruit flavors including pineapple and apricot. The sur lie aging adds a subtle creaminess, while the French oak lends it a delicate smoothness and the slightest aroma of marshmallow and vanilla.

This Chardonnay is light and smooth enough to pair with white fish or crab dishes, but also bold enough for broiled salmon or roasted chicken, and pairs delightfully with a variety of mild cheeses. We recommend serving slightly below room temperature for best expression of flavor.